Learn How To Put On A Kilt

If you would like to know how to apply a piece of fine highland apparel when attending that special event, then watch this video tutorial.

`Learn How To Put On A Kilt` will accurately instruct you on the proper way to dress yourself in the classic Scottish clothing that is famous all over the world.

The kilt has become apart of the national identity of Scotland, along with haggis, pipes and William Wallace.

Then you could stand proud in your kilt, confident it is being worn in the correct and traditional manner, by following the directions in the video,

It is produced by Kilts4Less , one of the finest makers of kilts and highland wear in Scotland.


How to measure yourself for a kilt

Learn How to Measure Kilt Size is a fascinating video tutorial brought to you by Kilts4Less. It provides an easy to learn guide, instructing viewers on the proper method of measuring the kilt that best fits you.

The entertaining and informative video explains how to decide if you are suited to an eight yard Bespoke Kilt or five yard Alba kilt.

The tutorial is a comprehensive guide on how to measure your size of kilt. Then you choose the perfect item for that special occasion, be it a family, private function or prize giving.


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